About us

The National Competitiveness Council was established in February 2002 at the initiative of the Croatian business sector and the Croatian Employers’ Association and on the basis of a decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia in response to the challenges that the country was facing at the beginning of the 21st century. These challenges included the process of globalization, the transition to a market economy and strengthening the competitiveness of the private and public sectors in Croatia.

The Council is an independent advisory body comprised of 24 members and four key interest groups – the business sector, government, trade unions, and the academic community – with the goal of creating dialogue, partnership and consensus on programs and policies that are critical to the sustainable growth and development of the country.

About National competitiveness council

The goals of the Council are simple, focused and immediate:

To act to increase the competitiveness of the Croatian economy
To make Croatia one of the 40 most competitive economies in the world

About National competitiveness council

To achieve these goals, the Council acts:

By encouraging policies for reform
By recommending and creating guidelines for development policies
By constructing coalitions with stakeholders that support the reform process
By increasing public understanding of and support for reforms
By encouraging dialogue between the public and private sectors
By raising and expanding the level of awareness and knowledge of the importance of competitiveness
By monitoring and evaluating reforms that have been implemented

About National competitiveness council